Michael's blog

MARCH 2019

Her Story. My Story. Our Story.

We are nearing the end of our video teaching series called "Her Story". Even though we are approaching the conclusion of the series, I feel like the conversation has just started and that there is so much more yet to say!

My hope is that we can continue the dialogue and use this series as a launching point for more great discussions regarding women, life, and faith. 

Here are a few reflections that I've had throughout the series:


This series has reinforced the reality that we all have such unique experiences. I have been blessed by the stories that have been shared with me from many of the women in our church and those who have been tracking along with the topic from our community. Some have shared stories of disbelief and wonder as they have always been empowered by those in their lives to live out of their God-given potential. Others have shared frustrating and even painful memories of how patriarchy has impacted them at various points in their lives. I have also been encouraged by the feelings of validation that many of the women have felt during this series, as they continue to walk in their unique giftings. I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from these experiences. 


During this series, I have also been reminiscing about when I came to the conclusion that patriarchy has no place in the home or the church. It was freeing and yet awkward, as my sphere of influence was almost entirely pro-patriarchy. It took a while to build up the confidence to not just affirm the position of equality, but also advocate for it - no matter what. I am now at the place where I am utterly convinced that I do a disservice to everyone if I simply operate with the mindset of "keeping the peace". This is a vital and significant topic, both for the health of people and the vitality of the church's mission in the post-modern context. 


I truly believe that our church is not only a safe place for women but also a community who intentionally strives to empower everyone. My prayer is that we continue to grow in this reality and become known in the larger New Tec community as a church that loves, advocates for, and empowers women. Similarly to how Leanne Friesen spoke of "Marriages that Preach", may our church's love and support of women preach to our community. 

Let's not end the conversation here. I have a few questions for you:

a) What have been the significant takeaways during this series? 

b) Have you seen your story in the experiences shared? 

c) What is your perspective of our church? Can we do more to champion a position of equality within our church or in the community? 

Email me at michael@faithcommunity.ca or call/text 705 984 6305.